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Unc. Willy's Basement Tracks



The Band

Bluegrass has become a mainstay in Colorado. The music of the mountains speaks to us and we can feel it in our souls. When a band like Wood Belly comes along to channel it, the clear blue skies are the limit. Led by a pair of prolific songwriters, their songs are carefully and collectively crafted to ring out with honesty and passion. Wood Belly blends traditional bluegrass with modern songwriting and whether you’re spinning around your partner or hanging on every word, the result is the same. You’re left smiling and wanting to hear more.

The band was born when Chris Weist (Mandolin) met Craig Patterson (Guitar) and Chris Zink (Dobro) at the Rockygrass Festival in 2015. Within a year they had teamed up with Aaron McCloskey(Banjo) and Taylor Shuck (Bass) and the music immediately fell into place.

Chris Zink | Dobro
Craig Patterson | Guitar
Chris Weist | Mandolin
Aaron McCloskey | Banjo
Taylor Shuck | Bass

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(We are currently booking Winter 2017  –  Spring/Summer 2018)

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